RELEASED: October 2009
CATEGORY: Life Simulation
PUBLISHER: Electronic Arts
WEB: www.spore.com/ftl 


Create your Hero and fight to become the Galactic Champion.

An evil force is spreading corruption across the galaxy, and only you can stop it! For the first time ever, build fully 3D Spore creatures on your Nintendo DS and take them into battle.

Explore planets all over the galaxy, fight creatures, and collect parts to customize and enhance your mighty hero.

Compete in a variety of arena battles against dangerous enemies in your quest to save
the galaxy! 


“In multiplayer mode Spore Hero Arena is a really fascinating action game” – Gaming XP

“A nice game, especially if you’re fond of customization and online play” – SpazioGames

“Multiplayer and online offer a worthy excursion from regular play, and a reason to carry on building your Creature” – Cubed3

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SPORE Hero Arena
SPORE Hero Arena
SPORE Hero Arena
SPORE Hero Arena
SPORE Hero Arena